Our story

Our Story

The short and not so sweet version is, many, many, moons ago, we were duped by an overzealous sales person (think Danny DeVito from ‘Deck the Halls’) when we brought our first car. We lost our money. We lost the car. We lost faith in used car dealers. Buying a car, can be a stressful and confusing experience for the best of us. Research found, an encounter with a car salesperson can lead to remarkably high stress levels and cause more anxiety than job interviews, going to the dentist, planning a wedding or moving home. 

Source: confused.com

“We knew this had to change. Cars are more often than not the second most expensive purchase after homes. Purchasing a car should be simple, easy, exciting and a positive experience …So we started Klaw Motors. ” 
(Malik Waqas, Director)

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