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  • Part Exchange

    Part Exchange Made Simple 

    Part exchange is a great way to help pay for your new car and lower your monthly payments if financing. 

    Once we have received some basic information about your current car, we will give you an honest and fair instant valuation. 

    It’s a quick, easy and simple process that can be completed online within minutes.

    We’ll reduce the cost of your new car or if you’re financing we’ll reduce your monthly payments.

     If you are happy with the quote and your car is in the condition as described, we will stick to our offer and take your current car off you when handing over your new car. 

    There are no additional charges or costs to this service.

     It really is that easy!

     Try our free car valuation service.

    How is my car evaluated for part exchange? 

    Comparison with today’s market price

    Car prices are checked and reviewed regularly by the Klaw team which allows us to provide the most up to date valuation. As long as the car is as described we’ll give you our best offer which will not change. 

    Condition of car:  Damage or Wear & tear 

    If your car is in a good condition with non to minimum superficial damage to the exterior and interior, the better the part exchange offer would be. Damage could be anything from a minor scratch or two to significant damage to the car body. Wear and tear is expected by all dealers as that’s part of life, but if repairs appear to be costly or parts are needed for replacement then this would be factored into the price we offer. 

    Service History

    The service history also effects the value of the car. A full service history shows the buyer that the previous owner has taken care of the car as opposed to a car with limited or no service history. 

    Number of previous owners and age of car

    A number of owners affecting the value of the car may seem like an odd one, but a common belief in the industry is that if a car has had quite a few owners in short space of time this may indicate there are problems with the car - a lower number of owners is always preferred. Most cars usually lose value the older it is and higher the mileage is. 

    Difference between buy and sell price

    A dealer might give you a valuation which you believe is too low compared to the prices you have seen for cars similar to yours. This is usually because once the car is exchanged, the dealer has other costs they need take into account before they can sell it from reconditioning to valeting. There are lots of other factors that are taken into consideration when valuing a car but we will always provide you with our best price straight away.

    If you are happy with the quote provided and decide one of our cars is the perfect one for you - that’s great! The search is almost over and you are one step closer to your new car!

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